The difference between jackets and outdoor jackets

Jacket, also known as Outdoor Jackets, is transliterated as a jacket, one of the essential equipment for outdoor sports. The reason why the jacket can be the first choice for all outdoor enthusiasts is determined by its all-weather function. The English of Jackets is "Jackets" or "Outdoor Jackets". The literal translation is "jackets". Jackets are not mysterious, they are jackets. However, when this functional clothing was passed from abroad to China, Chinese people distinguished them from ordinary clothes Come, start from its "parallel translation", called "Jingyi".


Because the charge jacket was first used to ascend the snow mountain at an altitude, when the final charge was 2-3 hours away from the summit, at this time, the down jacket was taken off, the large backpack was unloaded, and only one jacket was used to move forward lightly. Origin.


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