What should I pay attention to when choosing clothes for an outdoor adventure?

Before we start an outdoor adventure, we must prepare clothing suitable for outdoor adventures. Usually, daily clothing is not suitable for outdoor adventures. I will tell you how to prepare clothes for an outdoor adventure. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.


No matter what time of the season is spring, summer, autumn, or winter, it is an excellent choice to bring an outdoor jacket. Jackets are not only waterproof, ventilating, but also breathable; they keep warm in winter and rain in summer.

warm clothes

Under normal circumstances, down jackets for outdoor adventures will choose down jackets. Down jackets for outdoor adventures are not only warm and light and do not take up space; you can also bring a windproof vest to increase the effect of warmth.




If you are exploring the wild in the alpine region, we do not recommend that you choose cotton underwear, but you should choose professional sweat underwear, otherwise it is not only uncomfortable but it is easy to cause a cold; even in a pleasant climate, it is best to Wear sweat-wicking underwear.


It is best to wear training pants outside the lower limbs, because such pants are not only windproof, waterproof but also breathable. It is best to have full zips on both sides for easy wearing and taking off. Warm pants can choose fleece pants, which can be worn in summer Sturdy shorts, but long pants in the desert and the tropics.


In cold places, you must wear a cap that can protect your ears and a neckband function. In warm places, the choice of hats is more casual. In plateaus and low-latitude areas with strong sunlight, you must wear hats that can block the sun to the greatest extent.


The selection of gloves for wild adventures needs to follow three principles: warmth, wear resistance and wind resistance. Leather gloves are not suitable for wild adventures, unless you are a local tyrant. If the location of the event is a snow mountain, it is recommended that everyone bring down gloves.


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